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Orthopaedics, traumatology,
sports medicine
Pediatric orthopaedics

Stefan Tserovski, MD
Specialist in orthopedics and traumatology

Orthopedic diagnosis and treatment

Dr. Stefan Tserovski is a specialist in orthopedics, traumatology; Pediatric orthopedics with own practice in Sofia - Bulgaria..
With many years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of various orthopedic diseases of the houlder, elbow, hand and wrist, hip, knee, foot and ankle,in adults and children.

The team uses the most innovative technologies and methods to determine the timely diagnosis and treatment of its patients: conservative therapy for arthrosis, PRP plasma therapy, drug therapy and others.

болки в ръка, китка
болка в рамото
болка в лакът
болка в глезенна става
болка в колянна става
hip services

Pediatric orthopaedics

Pediatric orthopedics and pediatric traumatology deals with orthopedic diseases and traumatic conditions in children and adolescents up to skeletal maturity. In contrast to adults, these diseases in children have different clinical and prognostic features. Diseases can be congenital, acquired during development, or traumatic.

The musculoskeletal system of children develops continuously (growth zones), their body reacts differently to injuries, infections and deformations than adults and is therefore treated in a more targeted manner.

Болки в глезена и крака
Ankle and foot pain
Болки в коляното
Knee pain
Болки в тазобедрената става
Hip pain

Tell us about your complaints

Болки в лакътя
Elbow pain
Болки в ръката и китката
Pain in arm and wrist
Болки в кръста
Back pain
ортопед 4
ортопед 3

In the Clinic for Orthopedics and Traumatology you will receive professional advice, medical assessments, reports, second opinions, diagnosis and treatment.

Latest methods of modern orthopedics for conservative and operative minimally invasive treatment.


Articles and news

from the field of medicine and orthopedics,
and from the specialised practice.

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Conservative treatment of coxarthrosis and gonarthrosis.

In the scientific literature there is a large number of articles on the topic of conservative treatment of osteoarthritis of the hip and knee joint. There are a variety of treatment recommendations, but not all are evidence-based. The Australian Medical Council summarizes these recommendations and gives a confidence level for each.

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